Lake Garden

‘Pilikula’ derives its name from ‘Pilikula Lake’ which is today one of the major attractions of the project.

According to local legend, the lake was once a haunt of tigers. Hence it got to be called ‘Pilikula’ which means ‘Tiger Pond’.

Prior to the Pilikula project, the Pilikula Lake, which was once a large water body, had degenerated into becoming a small pond and was on the verge of being lost completely. However after being adopted for restoration under Pilikula project, it has been desilted and retrieved to its original glory; now having water spread area of 5.00 acres and a depth of 30 feet.

One of the key benefits of this restoration has been the recharging of the ground water and the surrounding farmers now have enough water for their agricultural/horticultural purposes even till the end of May.

Beautification of the lake surroundings with lush green awns and gardens, the facilities of boating and introduction of fresh water fish, ducks and geese in the lake, today attract a large number of visitors to this area for leisure and recreation.

The park constantly undertakes further desilting and expansion activities around the lake. Other developments at the lake include expansion of the gardens, walking / jogging paths, rest areas for senior citizens, drinking water facilities, shelter etc.