Guthu house

The Guthu House is the traditional manor house of the coastal landlords. The house is constructed at a vantage location giving a commanding view of the lush green paddy fields. The entire complex comprises of separate wings for household, bath, cattle shed, store house and servant quarters. The spacious house too has clearly demarcated areas for various functions and rituals. Due to the high costs involved, only the rich landlords could afford to build and maintain this type of dwelling.

The design of the house is attractive and it is built on the model of Aya. The design is adapted to withstand the extremities of Dakshina Kannada climate marked by cycles of hot summers and torrential rainfall. Only traditional artisans who are well versed in this type of work are capable of building the Guthu House.  The construction materials used primarily comprise of Hard Wood, Laterite and Clay. The woodwork comprising ceiling, doors/windows and intricately carved pillars are a tribute to the skill of the carpenters.