Vatica chinensis L.

Vatica chinensis L. (DIPTEROCARPACEAE)
Common names
Kannada:  Uggalu dhupa.
Malayalam: Adakka payin, Vella payin.
Tamil: Vella payin.

Description:  Trees, up to 30 m tall; crown dense, spreading; bark pale grey smooth; young shoots and flowers lipidote. Leaves elliptic to oblong – lanceolate, up to 25 x 11 cm, rounded at base, tapering to subulate acumen at apex; lateral nerves 10 –14 pairs. Flowers in axillary ca 30 cm long  panicles yellowish white. Calyx lobes 5, ovate-deltoid to lanceolate, acute, pubescent. Petals 5, oblong. Stamens 15 in 2 rows, anthers shortly apiculate. Ovary covered with large, shallow pits; stigmas densely papillose; obscurely 3-lobed. Fruit a capsule, indehisent, subglobose, up to 2.5 cm across, with 3 obscure, loculicidal furrows, brown, puberulous, attached to the spreading accrescent sepals.

Flowering:  February – March.
Fruiting: June.

Distribution: India: In evergreen forests of Western Ghats along streams at low elevation. Karnataka,  Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Sri Lanka.

Uses: Wood reddish brown, hard, durable, withstands water submersion and used for building piles etc. The transparent yellow resin obtained from wood is used in the manufacture of varnishes.