Strychnos wallichiana  Steudel ex DC.

Strychnos wallichiana  Steudel ex DC. (LOGANIACEAE)
Common names
Kannada: Balli kasaraka.
Malayalam: Valli-kanjira.
Tamil: Valli-kanjiram.

Description:  Large woody climbers; tendrils bi-fid. Leaves ovate or elliptic, up to15 x 5 cm, rounded at base, acute or acuminate at apex, shining. Basal nerves 3; petioles up to 7 mm long. Flowers in terminal cymes, from old wood. Calyx lobes 5. Corolla lobes 5. Stamens 5; filaments short. Ovary 2-locular; style short; stigma capitate. Fruit a berry, globose, ca 10 cm across, smooth, yellow when ripe. Seeds 3-4, flat.

Flowering & Fruiting : January – May.

Distribution: India: Common in evergreen and semi-evergreen forests of Western Ghats. Sri Lanka.

Uses: Decoction of roots used in rheumatism, ulcers, elephantiasis, fever and epilepsy.