Ochna gamblei King ex Brandis

Ochna gamblei King ex Brandis (OCHNACEAE)
Common names
Tamil: Koorykaly.
Telugu:  Kuka-moi.

Description:  Large shrubs or small trees; bark whitish. Leaves tufted at the ends of branchlets, almost sessile, ovate, obovate, oblong or broadly elliptic, up to 14 x 7 cm, cordate at base, obtuse or rounded at apex, obscurely serrate along margins, glaucous. Flowers in compound, many-flowered inflorescence, up to 4.5 cm across, yellow. Sepals 5, ovate or ovate-oblong. Petals 5-8, obovate. Stamens 35-70; anthers more than twice the length of filaments. Pistils 5-10; styles short, connate. Fruits of 3-5 distinct drupes. Seed erect, oblong.

Flowering & Fruiting: March– October.

Distribution: India: Orissa, Assam, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Common in evergreen and dry deciduous forests of Western Ghats.