Nothapodytes nimmoniana (Graham) Mabb.

Nothapodytes nimmoniana (Graham) Mabb.  (ICACINACEAE)
Common names
Kannada: Durvasane mara, Hedara, Kodsa.
Tamil: Arali.
Telugu:  Arali, Chorla.

Description:  Trees, up to 10 m tall. Leaves alternate, ovate-oblong or elliptic-oblong, up to 27 x 10 cm, acute or rounded and unequal at base, acute or acuminate at apex, pubescent beneath; petioles up to 6 cm long. Flowers in terminal, corymbose cymes, yellowish white, foetid; puduncle pubescent. Calyx 5-toothed. Petals 5, pubescent within. Stamens 5, free; filaments flattened and dialated at base. Disk cup-shaped, surrounding the ovary. Ovary silky-tomentose. Drupes ellipsoid or slightly obovoid, ca1  0.6 cm, blackish purple when ripe.  Seed solitary, black.

Flowering & Fruiting:  October - March.

Distribution: India: Sikkim, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Uses: The plant is said to possess anti-cancer properties.