Neolitsea foliosa (Nees) Gamble var.

Neolitsea foliosa

Description:   Evergreen trees, 10-12 m tall.  Leaves in whorls, ovate or lanceolate,ca 17x7.5 cm, acuminate at apex, papery or leathery, whitish or cream when young, subcoriaceous, glabrous; nerves from midribs 2-3 pairs, faint; petioles prominent. Flowers in umbels, brownish yellow, dioecious.  Perianth lobes 4, silky-hairy without. Stamens 6, outer eglandular, inner glandular; pistillode present.  Staminodes in pistillate flowers 6.  Ovary ovoid; style thick; stigma peltate.  Fruit a berry, globose,ca 6 mm across; fruiting perianth petaliform, entire.  Seed solitary.

Flowering & Fruiting : October – April.

Distribution:  India - Western Ghats and hills of Deccan. Malaysia.