Memecylon talbotianum Brandis

Memecylon talbotianum Brandis (MELASTOMATACEAE)
Common names
Tulu: Alimar.
Tamil: Kancan.

Description:  A large shrub or a small tree. Leaves opposite, elliptic or ovate, up to 10 x 5 cm, acute at both ends, margins slightly revolute, yellowish when dry. Flowers in lateral fascicles, deep blue. Calyx campanulate. Corolla lobes 4, triangular-ovate. Stamens 8. Berries globose, up to 8 mm across, often wrinkled, yellow when ripe. Seed solitary.

Flowering : November - February
Fruiting : March – August.

Distribution: India: Western Ghats/West Coast in moist deciduous to evergreen forests. Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Sri Lanka, Malaya.