Meiogyne pannosa (Dalz.) Sinclair.

Meiogyne pannosa (Dalz.) Sinclair. (ANNONACEAE)
Common names

Description:  Trees, 5-9 m tall; young parts puberulous.  Leaves lanceolate or ovate-lanceolate; up to 16 x 4 cm, rounded or acute at base, acuminate at apex, pellucid-punctate; pubescent on nerves beneath. Flowers axillary or extra-axillary, often on old wood, solitary, straw-coloured. Sepals 3, ovate, acute, pubescent outside. Petals 6 in 2 series, oblong – lanceolate, densely brown, velvety tomentose, inner petals shorter and narrower. Stamens numerous; anther connective thick, truncate. Carpels 10-12, oblong; stigma capitate. Fruitlets ovoid, 1-2.5 cm long, tomentose. Seeds 1-3, shiny.
Flowering: January - May.
Fruiting: October - December

Distribution: India - In evergreen forests of Western Ghats, Maharashtra, Karnataka Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Endemic.