Ilex malabarica Beddome

Ilex malabarica Beddome (AQUIFOLIACEAE)

Description: Trees up to 12 m tall. Leaves elliptic- oblong, up to 14 x 4 cm, rounded at base, acute at apex, margin, entire or rarely toothed near apex. Male flowers in short panicles of umbels. Female flowers solitary or fascicled. Calyx usually 6-lobed, ciliolate. Corolla lobes 4-6, orbicular, ciliolate, united at base. Stamens 4-6. Drupes depressed globose, ca 3 mm across, puberulous, 6-celled, red, tipped by persistent stigma.

Flowering & Fruiting: December - May

Distribution: India: Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Endemic.