Hymenodictyon obovatum Wallich

Hymenodictyon obovatum Wallich (RUBIACEAE)
Common names
Kannada: Gandele, Hiremara.

Description: Small or medium-sized deciduous trees, up to 8 m tall with grey bark. Leaves obovate or elliptic, 10-15 x 4-8 cm, cuneate at base, acuminate at apex, glabrescent; main nerves 6-8 pairs; petioles 2.5-5 cm long; stipules obovate-oblong with glandular margins. Flowers small in sessile clusters along the rachis of dense cylindric pubescent panicled spikes, greenish, pungent odor. Calyx broadly companulate, lobes 5. Corolla tube short, lobes 5, pubescent outside, white. Stamens 5, inserted below the throat of corolla; filaments short. Ovary 2-locular; style filiform; stigma fusiform. Fruit a loculicidal capsule, ellipsoid, 1.5 – 2 cm long, erect, brown. Seeds many ca 6 mm long, narrowly winged.

Flowering & Fruiting: September– July.

Distribution: India: Western Ghats – Konkan,  Karnataka to Travancore, up to 1200 m. Endemic.

Uses: Inner bark astringent and used as a substitute for quinine.