Hopea racophloea  Dyer

Hopea racophloea  Dyer (DIPTEROCARPACEAE)
Common names
Karung Kongu.
Malayalam: Neduvali kongu.

Description: Evergreen trees; bark blackish, peeling off in long stripes from base upwards which becomes recurred and hang all round the trunk; young twigs, petioles, panicles and calyx glabrous. Leaves ovate, up to 11.5 x 6.5 cm, acute at base, shortly caudate-acuminate at apex, glabrous. Flowers in axillary panicles, yellowish-white with pink tinge. Calyx lobes 5, equal, spathulate, obtuse. Petals 5, glabrous inside, hairy outside, with a twisted, flattened appendage at apex. Stylopodium nearly as long as ovary, cylindrical. Fruit belly glabrous; wings 2, 7.5 - 8.5 cm long, reddish.
Flowering: April - May 
Fruiting: May - August

Distribtion: India:  In evergreen forests of Western Ghats up to 1000 m. Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Endemic.