Hopea canarensis Hole

Hopea canarensis Hole (DIPTEROCARPACEAE)

Common names
 Malai haiga

Description: Trees, ca 20 m tall. Leaves ovate or oblong, up to 18 x 9 cm, rounded or cordate at base, obtuse or acuminate at apex, majority of secondary nerves with gland-like swellings (domatia) in their axils beneath. Flowers in panicles of racemes. Calyx 5-lobed, lobes unequal.  Petals 5, falcate-oblong, 8-9 x 3 mm, exposed portion densely stellate - pubescent. Stamens many. Stylopodium stout, ovoid or oblong. Fruits ovoid, 1.2 - 1.5 long, enclosed in the accrescent sepals of which 2  becomes wings; wings  5-8 cm long.  

Flowering & Fruiting: May - July 

 Distribution: India: Western Ghats of Karnataka. Endemic.