Baccaurea courtallensis

Baccaurea courtallensis  Muell.-Arg. (EUPHORBIACEAE)
Common names
Kannada: Koli Kukke.

Description: Evergreen trees, up to 8 m tall.  Leaves alternate, oblanceolate or elliptic, up to 15 x 6 cm,  narrowed at base, acuminate at apex, entire, glabrous. Inflorescence in tufts on tubercles on stem, pubescent. Flowers usually dioecious, crimson red.  Perianth lobes usually 5. Ovary densely hairy. Fruit a capsule, up to 2.7 cm across, crimson, dehiscent.  Seeds 2, globose, up to 1.5 cm across, enclosed in succulent aril.

Flowering: February - March
Fruiting: June - July

 India: Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Endemic.

Uses: Fruits are acrid in taste and edible.