Beaten Rice

Beaten rice is a rice which is dehusked and beaten to make small flat flakes. This type of rice absorbs even cold water and gets swollen. It is very popular in Dakshina Kannada region and is commonly used in a variety of dishes in Udupi cuisine. Called ‘Bajeel’ in Tulu, it is known as ‘Avalakki’ in Kannada and ‘Poha’ in Hindi.

This type of rice was earlier prepared in every household in the district using a unique hand operated pounding mechanism, which is no longer popular. The Beaten Rice unit at Pilikula has a working model of this equipment and it is a major attraction at the Artisan village. The hand pounded beaten rice produced using this system has a different texture and thickness from the machine made variety which is commonly available.

The produce manufactured at this centre is sold to visitors and it enjoys very high demand.